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MSgt Michael Silva


Sergeant First Class Kelly A. Stewart, highly-decorated Green Beret and combat veteran fighting to clear his name after false allegation of sexual assault placed him behind bars.

Save Our Heroes supports this hero, like many other falsely accused military members the evidence in this case is overwhelming of SFC Stewart's innocence. 

CDR Benjamin Strickland victim of corrupt military investigative agents

CDR Strickland made the morally courageous decision to support the victim; he personally ensured the young woman got the help she so desperately needed. As such, CDR Strickland soon found himself in the cross hairs of his leadership and the victim of military witch-hunt.

CDR Ben Strickland

"I live in the same state as the alleged victim in this case and have personally reviewed court documents in the county she resides. And I will tell you there are hundreds if not thousands of documents in this court system with her name on them. Including multiple allegations of other things happening to her. She been on disability for years, she had a habitat for humanity built for her, she lost custody of her son's which she implies frequently live with her. Just based on the stories I've seen here in Washington I don't believe any of her allegations. In one post to a social media sore she states that her and her husband are "fortunate" enough to not have to work. If by fortunate she means being raped then I have serious doubts on her mental state of mind. I pray to God that Mike sees his freedom very soon, gets his benefits that he earned and deserve and she gets prosecuted to the fullest for her blatant lies. #TEAMSILVA"

MSgt Michael Silva. Falsely accused and convicted of rape…serving 20 years for a crime he didn’t commit.

Friends & Family Quotes

"As we saw Mike for the last time before he leaves for Leavenworth he asked if we could keep everyone informed of his status. He is doing great. Emotionally, physically and spiritually. He sends his love and asks for prayers for the Truth and Healing for everyone. We ask everyone to pray for his speedy return home and that the Truth will be revealed."  

"I have known Michael Silva for 19 years. He is an amazing man and was a huge asset to the United States Air Force. Not only did I support him through his court martial last year, I proudly stand next to him today. I have been the one that uncovered key pieces of evidence that was not found prior to and during his court martial. What happened to Michael Silva is continuing to happen to honorable service members. There continue to be false accusations and more innocent "victims" will go to prison wrongfully accused. Mike is the victim in this case and its time the public, his former MTI family and friends knew the truth. This month marks the year anniversary of his conviction. A year of his life he will never get back, it's time to bring him home. We can just sit back and watch this happen to someone else or get the word out and help fight for Mike and for a change so leadership doesn't just allow this to keep happening. Someone else will be next... Will it be you with a made up story too or possibly that of a vengeful ex wife?"

Maj Christian "Kit" Martin

SFC Kelly Stewart

MAJ Christian "Kit" Martin. Is currently fighting his wrongful conviction. 

Save Our Heroes supports Maj Martin and his family during this difficult time.  He is an honorable man that should not be made to suffer for these lies.  MAJ Martin survived serious false allegations of sexual abuse, and many of us rejoiced to hear that he wouldn’t be imprisoned for decades of his life and would not have to wrongfully register as a sex offender. However, the prosecution still managed to get Martin convicted on lesser charges of mishandling classified information and simple assault. These minor charges normally result in light sentence. Unfortunately, yet another horrific INJUSTICE was done to Martin when he was sentenced to a Dishonorable Discharge. This type of discharge is normally handed down for what the military considers to be the most reprehensible felons, such as convicted murderers and rapists. To clarify, Dishonorable Discharged service members are not entitled to retirement benefits and typically lose all medical benefits. They cannot vote nor own a firearm. They cannot even buried in a military cemetery. Despite serving our country for nearly 30 years, MAJ Martin will be denied not only the veteran benefits he’s truly earned, but also rights enjoyed by everyday citizens.

MAJ Eric Smith

Major Eric Smith wrongful conviction overturned

With his wrongful conviction finally overturned, MAJ Smith returned to duty as before this ordeal.