Lisa Roper

Advisory Board, CEO Gio Nexus International. Vice President RINCO of Texas. Passionately fights for veterans rights.

Our Board of Advisors brings knowledge and experience essential to our ability to fight for military justice reform.

Bob McCarty

Advisory Board Member, Investigative Reporter, Author, and Advocate for the falsely accused and wrongfully prosecuted military service members.

Save Our Heroes

Non-Profit Organization

Our Board of Advisors

Michael Conzachi

Advisory Board Member, Investigator, Contributing Writer, and Executive Committee Member for the Center for Prosecutor Integrity.

Trisha Ahlman

Advisory Board, Co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer at Growth Smart. Veteran advocate that supports our troops.

Harry Crouch

Advisory Board, President of National Coalition For Men (NCFM). He is involved with Children’s Rights for Sharing Parent Equally, Honoring Our Troops, the San Diego Children Coalition and many others.